Financial Management

Professional Fee Billing

Payor Credentialing

NetMD Business billing services begin with payor enrollment and credentialing. Often overlooked, this is a complex process and is critical to minimizing claim denials and improving revenue collections. Credentialing is where the foundation is established for aligning all variables in the billing process.

Chart Integrity

Our chart integrity team analyzes each chart prior to sending it to coding, to ensure that all required documentation is present and legible. This service also has the benefit of providing quality assurance before the chart is even coded, ensuring that each encounter will be sent to coding with the information needed to support proper levels.

 Visit Verification

Verification of patient demographic information is standard practice at NetMD Business. We use multiple methods to verify the data, to ensure that claims or statements that are sent go to the appropriate payor or patient address the first time. The insurance verification team reviews each chart to validate data, and conducts multiple confirmations of the data at specified times within the billing cycle, such as 31 days from date of service, and prior to sending the account to a collection agent.