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We keep an extensive database that allows us to analyze all payer facility claims data for outpatient ED visits of any hospital in the US. Check out our calculator to see where your hospital ranks and the reimbursement you may be missing out on!

Who We Are

NetMD Business is a management and consulting corporation specializing in the Healthcare industry. We provide management services for physician groups and hospitals that cover a wide range of operational needs, including: scheduling and hiring providers; managing hospital relationships; ensuring complete record documentation; and billing and collecting professional service fees. We also provide legal counsel with regard to corporate transactional work, compliance with federal and state regulations, and risk management.


Our Team

Our staff consists of a veteran team with varying skills, capabilities and expertise. Two additional characteristics round out NetMD’s expertise – technical proficiency from a staff of highly qualified IT professionals, and a dedication to effective and efficient process management. We are committed to providing customers with strategic data driven solutions to take their business to new levels.


Our Values

We value a vibrant partnership with our clients rooted in safe, high quality, and compliant support for operational excellence in healthcare delivery.

How We Can Help

How many outpatient visits came through your emergency department last year and did you accurately capture the documentation to ensure proper reimbursement? As specialists in emergency medicine, we know how hectic the ED is. NetMD Business can provide you with a view of your facility coding for outpatient ED charts – and give you the comparative statistics to understand your documentation in a new light. One step further, we provide you the solution you need to address the opportunities you uncover.


Bottom line, we don’t simply monitor a problem — WE FIX IT!


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An ED is a Very Busy Place

Many services and technologies previously reserved for the evaluation of inpatient care have now become the purview of the ED. This has resulted in the pivotal position of the ED in rapid and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic intervention previously unheard of in the ED setting. Nowadays many patients are completely worked up in the ED, regardless of whether they are ultimately admitted or discharged. These workups require ever-increasing expenses for the hospital. Unfortunately, however, the proper compliant documentation of this care has not kept pace with the provisions of such care. As a result, hospitals nationwide are leaving 10 BILLION DOLLARS on the table in ED outpatient visits every year simply because of the continued focus on the low-volume, high DRG inpatient reimbursement, while the high-volume, “low” reimbursement ED services are ignored.

NetMD Business helps hospitals to refocus on…

  • The resources utilized in providing care to the patients in the modern day ED
  • The proper and complex methods of documentation of these resources utilized to ensure maximal and appropriate reimbursement for the hospital.


From Professional Fee to Facility Billing, we’ll help you optimize all aspects of your finances.


Spend more time doing what you do best – caring for patients – and leave the admin work to us.


Our consulting services analyze healthcare business processes, improving financial and operational performance.

Delivering Success


In 2014, NetMD Business engaged with Oakwood Healthcare, a 5 hospital system in Michigan, to develop processes that ensured charge capture and improved reimbursement. We tracked metrics and completed all documentation quickly and accurately but, most importantly, we delivered on our promise of great operational and financial results for the health system.

We have been rated in the top 2 percentile by Bettinger, Stimler & Associates for coding accuracy and compliance. Third party vendors are the greatest risk to the corporate integrity of a health system and at NetMD Business, we take no chance. We are backed by Hall Render’s Nova Compliance Group to ensure an active and up-to-date compliance program.

“NetMD Business exceeded our expectations in improving the documentation and coding efforts in the five emergency operations within the Health System… Their team demonstrated the ability to deliver on their promises and provided great results.”


NetMD Business is a management and consulting corporation specializing in the Healthcare industry. We provide management services for physician groups and hospitals that cover a wide range of operational needs.


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