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Optimizing emergency department revenue through accuracy and efficiency

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Our extensive proprietary database allows us to analyze all payer facility claims data for outpatient ED visits from any U.S. hospital.

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The NetMD Business Solution

NetMD optimizes Emergency Department revenue through improved documentation and coding.


All visits are reviewed to ensure complete documentation before coding begins. This ensures timely and accurate billing which improves revenue cycle management.

Medical Coding

Professional and facility coding services. We transform healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into standard accurate medical codes.

Medical Billing

Submit and follow up on claims with health insurance companies and patients in order to receive payment for all services rendered. Average time from service to billing is under 13 days.

How We Drive Value For Our Clients

100% Visit Reconciliation

NetMD Business accounts for every patient seen in the Emergency Room.

The result is no lost visits, no lost charts, and optimized revenue.

Critical Care Review

All visits where critical care was possible but not documented are reviewed. Since this is done prior to coding, providers have the chance to update documentation.

This raises overall percentage of Critical Care visits billed.

Accelerated Coding Timelines

Visits are 100% reconciled and complete, allowing the coding process to begin immediately.

This greatly streamlines the billing process.

Accurate Leveling

We reduce deficient hold times, thereby reducing chance of down coding to a lower E&M level.

This ensures you keep your coding levels at their optimal acuity.

NetMD Uses ACEP Coding Methodology

Proven to provide the most consistent coding based on resource utilization for facility emergency departments. Our coding methodology improves accuracy while reducing compliance risk.

Meet NetMD Business

NetMD Business was formed by a group of emergency physicians in 2010.

Our aim was to help hospitals and health systems code their outpatient ED visits. 5,000,000 charts later, our focus remains the same – accurate, compliant coding based on the actual acuity of, and the actual resources used by, your outpatient ED patients.

Our Values

We value a vibrant partnership with our clients where both parties are focused on delivering the highest quality and safety in healthcare delivery, and operational excellence.

Our Team

Our staff is a veteran team with a full complement of skills, capabilities, and expertise. In addition to coding acumen, we provide technical proficiency and a dedication to effective and efficient process management. We are committed to providing customers with strategic data driven solutions to take their business to new levels.

The Emergency Department Doesn’t Need To Be A Loss Leader

Patient care in emergency department has changed drastically in the last few decades and it has led to an increase in more intensive procedures being performed by emergency physicians and nurses alike.

Many hospital CEOs and CFOs think of the emergency department as a loss leader due to these high rates of outpatient visits and low facility bills. Adopting advanced outsourced coding and billing practices can turn this around.

Through placing a stronger emphasis on outpatient visits – including improving coding accuracy, software limitations, lost charts, and chart backlogs – NetMD dramatically improves efficiency, accuracy, and billing revenue.

Reduce Compliance Risk While Increasing Profit

NetMD Business Coding Solutions partners with Hall Render’s Nova Compliance Group to ensure an active and up-to-date compliance program.

Delivering Success

NetMD Business engaged with Oakwood Healthcare, a 5 hospital system in Michigan, to develop processes that ensured charge capture and improved reimbursement. We tracked metrics and completed all documentation quickly and accurately but, most importantly, we delivered on our promise of great operational and financial results for the health system.

We have been rated in the top 2 percentile by Bettinger, Stimler & Associates for coding accuracy and compliance. Third party vendors are the greatest risk to the corporate integrity of a health system and at NetMD Business, we take no chance. We are backed by Hall Render’s Nova Compliance Group to ensure an active and up-to-date compliance program.

“NetMD Business exceeded our expectations in improving the documentation and coding efforts in the five emergency operations within the Health System… Their team demonstrated the ability to deliver on their promises and provided great results.”


About NetMD Business

NetMD Business is the leading provider of advanced outsourced coding solutions for the Emergency Department environment.

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